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Target Country by IP Address IP2Country Database

How to Locate Internet Visitors by ip address to country

  IP Country Database offers the ip ranges by country database. IP2Country Database can help you identify visitor's geographical location country.It can find out one internet user's country from ip address.Targeting Web site content to the specific visitors who view the site is a very important marketing advantage.

  The IP to Country Database can be used for:
  • Trace, Locate and Track IP address location
  • Real Time Geo-Locating ( Country )
  • Redirect based on country
  • Automatically target advertising by country
  • Geo targeting for increased sales and click-through
  • Provide Location Aware Content ( language, currency, etc.)
  • Fraud Detection ( Credit Card Fraud, etc. )
  • Identify IP Address ( targeted Banner Ads )
  • Blocking traffic by country IP ranges and low your host bandwidth cost
  • Spam Filtering
  • Geographic IP Address Lookup
Price: $50 [ Buy Now ]
Purchase IP2Country Database
Purchase IP2Country Database
Subscription*: $50 one time fee plus $10 per month of updates [ Buy Now ]
(First month update fee included in one time fee)
Database Size: 269,691 records
Current Version: August 1, 2021
Availability:We will e-mail you a login and password to download the IP2Country database within 24 hours of purchase

Online Demo:  IP Location Lookup - Enter IP address to search its geolocation. Detect city, state, country , etc.

Available Formats:
  • Comma-separated values (CSV) (ip2country.csv)
  • IP2country Mysql Dump file
  • Plain text For Target Country by IP Address
  • iptocountry database For Openads
  • Tab-delimited text File Format
  • MS Access IP 2 Country database (.mdb)
  • Need another format? Let us know!

IP Country Database Fields: ( IP Country list )

FieldData TypeField Description
Start IP Addressvarchar(15)First IP address in netblock
End IP Addressvarchar(15)Last IP address in netblock
Start IP NumberDoubleFirst IP address in netblock, IP Number
End IP NumberDoubleLast IP address in netblock, IP Number
IP Country Codechar(2)ISO 3166 Country Code
Country Namevarchar(50)The name of the country

License Overview
License Agreement: General Terms and Conditions for the database licensing.
Server License: The number of license required for server installation.

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IP country database is commercial geo IP solution - The complete block of IP ranges by country to help you find IP location, IP address ranges and all IP addresses for certain countries. Please Trace, Track and Check IP addresses before purchasing.

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