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Product Summary: IP Region Database - the best solution when you want to determine the country of any IP address, and the region/state of any US/Canadian IP Address.

Price: $100 [ Buy Now ]
Purchase IP address Country Region Database
Purchase IP address Country Region Database

Subscription*: $100 one time fee plus $12 per month of updates [ Buy Now ]
(First month update fee included in one time fee)

Database Size: 792,277 records
Current Version: August 1, 2021

Availability: We will e-mail you a login and password to download the database within 24 hours of purchase

Online Demo:  IP Location Lookup

IP to Region Database Formats:

  • Comma-separated values (CSV) (Sample data)
  • Need another format? Let us know!
Product Features
  • Updated monthly
  • Includes the following fields:
    • Start IP Number
    • End IP Number
    • Country Code
    • Country Name
    • State/Province

IP Region Database Fields:

Field Data Type Field Description
Start IP Number unsigned int First IP in netblock, IP Number
End IP Number unsigned int Last IP in netblock, IP Number
Country Code char(2) ISO 3166 Country Code
Country Name varchar(50) The name of the country
State/Province char(2) For US/Canada, ISO-3166-2 code for the state/province

License Overview
License Agreement: General Terms and Conditions for the database licensing.
Server License: The number of license required for server installation.

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The database contains the location for every IP address,but may not be accurate or complete in all cases.Please try the demo before purchasing.

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